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lizards (Dragos)

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This is some of the Dragons we have at Orøstrand Petting zoo we have 4 lizards 1 Common Blue-tongued Lizard www.reptileparadise.com 1 Great Plated Lizard 2 Sudan plated lizard www.reptileparadise.com info ------------------------------------------- description: A large, stout plated lizard, with a short head and large eyes. The animals are yellow-brown on the upper surface; each scale is often dark-centered, creating a speckled to striped effect. The chin and throat are usually yellow or cream, and the underside is grey to light brown. ---------------------------------------------- Distribution Southeastern Africa, eastern Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique ---------------------------------------------- Adult size 12 - 16 inches ---------------------------------------------- Natural Habitats Terrestrial; savanna and steppe areas ----------------------------------------------- Cage A simple and easy-to-clean cage is the best thing, specially for adults. It should be large enough but does not need to be high because they do not climb much. (eg Wooden Terrarium, Glass Terrarium) ------------------------------------------------ Substrate wood shavings, barks (eg Repti Bark, Coconut Bark), gravel, sand (eg Repti Sand, Calci-Sand), compressed paper granules (eg Good Mews) ------------------------------------------------- Activity period Daytime (diurnal); 12 - 14 hours each day with direct natural sunlight or UV lamp (eg ReptiSun 5.0, UV Heat Bulb ...

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