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Videos (test) » Ormar - Snokar» Elite Land Tours - Gopher Snake - Joshua Tree National Park

Elite Land Tours - Gopher Snake - Joshua Tree National Park

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Gopher Snakes Genus Pituophis Range Throughout all 4 deserts of the American Southwest and beyond, up to 8000 feet. Habitat Found in a wide variety of habitats including desert flats, coastal dunes and coniferous forests, but preferring grasslands and open brush areas. Description Members of the Colubridae Family, the common, large, gopher snake is usually between 36 and 96 inches long. Gopher snakes range in color from cream-yellow to green-gray to tan, with large black, brown or reddish blotches on their back and smaller ones along their sides. Most specimens have a dark line between the eyes and another from behind the eyes to the angle of the jaw. Sometimes striped individuals, with or without blotches, are found. Elite Land Tours of Palm Springs, California

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