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New Colombian Red Tail Boa Constrictor

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This is my new female Red Tail Boa, named Ava. I explain her story and the situation during the video, but some of the things i left out are... I keep the humidity levels in the low 50% range and during the day time, the tank is 76-79 degrees at the very bottom of the tank, and the ambient temperature in the enclosure is in the low to mid 80's. She has 2 basking spots where she has access to temperatures in the low 90's. She also has two cool hides where the temp is about 75 degrees. During the night time hours, the basking heat areas are still provided but the ambient temperature drops to about 75 degrees. I mist the cage regularly to keep the humidity correct, and I'm looking for a reptile misting machine rather than keep misting with a spray bottle. The substrate is Zilla Astro Turf for the time being, as its easy to clean when she defecates. Any other questions or concerns just let me know! Thanks. *And i'd just like to give a special thanks to my buddy Rich once again, who initially adopted or "rescued" this snake, and began her recovery.

Publicerad av reptinet 2011-08-19 20:36:33