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Arguing With A Big Boa Constrictor

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My male Argentine Boa, Grumpy and I have had a difference of opinion for the past few days and always ends up in a stand off. I have worked with my snakes daily for many years with hand responses and have never struck or hit any of my snakes. Through work and training a snake reacts to passive and aggressive behavior from their handler and respond likewise. Snakes sense fear and with a lot of constant work they respond to hand gestures. This action is VERY risky unless you have spent tons of hours handling them and working with them constantly. They are still snakes and do respond but they will still strike if provoked. Snakes cannot be tamed but they can bond with their handler as far as trust issues go. I started working with my two Argentines daily and as I did I observed their body language constantly under all circumstances and situations and it became clear to me that if my hand was in front of them they would stop and sit there and wait to see what my actions were going to be. If my hand was over their heads they considered that to be a dominant gesture from me and would back away. If my hand was held low to the floor surface and kept down I was showing submission and they would basically ignore me totally. I started working with these hand gestures to a point that a slight light tap on the nose would make them back off and a hand held over the head even sometimes touching the top of the head they would back off. I don't advise anyone to do this if you can't ...

Publicerad av reptinet 2011-08-19 20:36:29